1:1 Private Coaching


A 12 week program to elivate you with confidence, clarity and creativity for a happier you both inside and outside of work.

Are you ready to create a life and career that lights you up?

  • Do you feel disconnected/emotionally detached to yourself, work or your passions?
  • Do you often feel yourself in fight or flight mode, guarded and ready to defend your decisions?
  • Do you believe you’ve been in the corporate grind for a while now that it no longer feels new and exciting? Instead you’re REALLY feeling the tensions of a high-pressured office when deadlines arise.
  • Do you feel you’re constantly getting over looked over for a promotion or pay rise?
  • Do you feel controlled by daily ‘to-do’ lists, auto-pilot mode switched on?
  • Do you feeling like you don’t have any ideas worth offering in meetings or worried to share those you do have; in fear they will not get taken well and under-valued as a result.
  • Do you feel as though you’re constantly fighting off society pressure of what someone should be doing at your age?
  • Do you often finish work and just crave relaxation, a glass of wine and to do nothing other than procrastinate in front of Netflix?
  • Do you feel like you’re too sensitive to make it in the workplace?
  • Do you struggle taking feedback and take it personally?
  • Do you find yourself telling yourself you need to toughen up and stick it out?
  • Do you feel like everything is always happening to you and you don’t have any control in the workplace?
  • Do you have lack of self esteem and constantly comparing your performance or achievements to everyone around and feeling like you’re always coming up short and can do better?
  • Do you feel like you can never please your boss and gain their approval?
  • Do you find you working life is dominating your weekly hours and you’re neglecting the things that make you happy in life, whilst constantly on knifes edge of burnout?


You are deserving of so much more!

When leaving university with the excitement of stepping into a full-time office job, we often think we’ll be able to crank out something we’re passionate about day-by-day, whilst working towards the next promotion and thinking its only around the corner, right?

Fast forward a few years, a spreadsheet on the computer screen and a window behind, displaying suited and booted business goers rushing-by in the streets below, the constant busyness of the job can leave us feeling overhwlemed and burnt out.

We work hard to get us to this point and yet we aren’t always taught about the struggles we may face in a corporate job that prevent use from fully activating our creativity and standing tall with confidence.

What if I was to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this hard and that there IS an easy way to feel lit up again? A life where you don’t feel burnt out so you can create a life outside of your career that you LOVE. 

This private coaching program is for you if you want to know your true authentic self, gain clarity on what you REALLY want/need/desire and have the courage to step up and play big in your life and career. Are you willing to put yourself first, live in your power and radiate with confidence? Are you ready to heal the relationship with yourself, clear what has previously been limiting you and dimming your inner light and joy?

Our work will focus on reconnecting you with your divine feminine energy, intuition, pleasure, power and magnetism, so you can rise into the highest and brightest version of yourself.

I will be your personal mentor and guide, helping you clear what has been holding you back and weighing you down and supporting you to integrate new empowering practices to get you to where you want to be and the career you set out to do.

Gemma Copp is a feminine embodiment Career Coach, Blogger and the co-host of the Flux Podcast

Meet Gem

Gem is passionate about helping millennials to combine feminine strategies and inner body wisdom for soulful ways of working, far removed from the hustling and grinding.

During her life, she has experienced many barriers to take her off course and tempting her to pack up her life and live from a van besides a beach in Bali. Instead, she followed her passions and dedicated herself to her work and the vision for a balanced life and career. Gemma is now thriving in her career that she loves and finds time left over each week to fulfil the things that light her up.

Drawing on her extensive corporate experiences and training gained from one of the world’s best coaching academy’s, Gem offers a unique variety of heart centred advice to help regain your confidence in yourself, gain clarity in your work and release your inner creativity in the corporate world.

Whilst she is balancing out her own growth; working full time 9-6 as a Part II architectural assistant and part time coach, Gem is well equipped to help guide you towards a soul-filled life centred around your career. Whether it’s trusting your femininity, knowing your self-worth or becoming a fearlessly independent leader in your role,

Gem’s here for you!

Deep down you know your life can be bigger, brighter and a better way of living?

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Coaching Pillars

I believe when career success comes from the alignment of confidence, clarity and creativity to transform your corporate disconnection to a life and career you wake up smiling to.




When we radiate confidence, we feel certain about ourselves, our skills, talents and values that we comfortably convey when outputting a working task.

With confidence we can leave the office at a reasonable time to pursue hobbies that light us up, have the courage to apply for THAT promotion you’re dreaming of.

The empowered feminine: when she leads with confidence, she has strength to show vulnerability, ask for help and admit her feelings herself and others, such as burnout and stress. She backs her intuition and decisions, believes in herself and knows she is 100% deserving of her role and position, having worked hard for it. She confidently says no at the right moment and sets healthy boundaries knowing what she wants for herself.

Clarity can help to outline priorities, use initiative effectively communicate, play big and keeps you grounded in your role, goals and action items as part of a wider project outline. Most importantly, it prevents the avoidance of sticky and tough situations, and minimalises fearful approaches to conversations, all whilst providing the foundation to move forward.

The empowered feminine: when she has clarity, she is able to see the bigger picture and connect-the-dots without getting bodged down by the details. She has faith in moving forward, even though the path can sometimes be unclear, for she is able to let go of control. She is authentic and expressive; showing emotion in a friendly yet concise way. She holds an intent for a strong team spirits.

Creativity is the act of transforming new, innovative ideas into reality and when put into action, it can help us find new solutions to problems, foster teamwork, help make you stand out, challenge conformity, take bigger risks, trust your feminine energy  and soul whispers and  see criticism as a positive where you’ll be asking for it more to improve and learn.

The empowered feminine: when she gives space for creativity through process, without force and control, her ideas flow freely with easy. The result; she backs her work and intuition. She finds the gaps to bring out innovations, whilst honouring her body to slow down and ground herself in the present. She is able to surrender and be open, which is allouring, fun and playful.

Confidence, Clarity and Creativity = Ability to play up your feminine strengths at work and advance in a soulful career.

Here are some the results that you may experience in this program:

>> Getting to know, understand and trust yourself deeply

>> Reduce fear-based decision making and move towards heart-centered living

>> Learn practices to increase confidence and self-esteem to stand up for yourself, express how you’re truly feeling to employers in a loving/positive way.

>> Identify subconscious, negative thinking and unhelpful beliefs that hold you back from stepping into your feminine power.

>> Trust yourself, let go of the need for reassurance from others and back your creative ideas brought to the table.

>> Build meaningful and supportive coworking relationships with healthy, clear boundaries, inside and outside of work.

>> Implement tools to manage stress and prevent burnout.

>> Own your strength and tap into your creativity to really shine throughout your role

>> Make space in your life for things that matter and light you up.

>> Stop hiding from your potential

>> Break free from inner chatter and limiting beliefs and guide you to inner peace.

>> Shift and alter your thinking patterns to a successful mindset.

>> Honour your inner masculine and knowing how and when to best harness these qualities.

>> Embrace powerful feminine embodiment tools and practices, combined with strategy and action, to gain the amazing benefits of both the masculine and feminine in the corporate world.


This 1:1 Coaching Program Includes:

√ 6 x 60 minute Private Coaching Sessions (via Zoom)

Bi-weekly, 1 hour calls three-month period where we get clear on how you want to feel every day, in and out of work, and set 2-3 goals to get you in action towards achieving this. This is where we try to implement the three coaching pillars to transform your working mindset, allowing you to finish for the day feeling energised for the things that light you up.

√ Email Support Between Sessions As Needed

I’ll be there every step of the way, cheering you on and answering any questions you might have between sessions or share what you have been working on to help keep you on track.

√ Journaling Prompts

During each session, we will create a series of action steps within each goal. I will suggest journaling tasks as mindfulness practices to help align you with your vision and manifest a positive mindset.

 √ Worksheets and Resources

I’ll draw upon a bank of worksheets I feel relevant to your goal areas to help shift thinking patterns, identify core values and reclaim your energy at work.

√ BONUS: Resources for Manifesting Feminine Energy at Work

You’ll also receive Gem’s resource list for self-love and feminine living, the feminine morning ritual guide and the self-meditation (Worth £9- yours for free!).

It is only when we are accepting of who we are, speaking to ourselves in empowering ways and living in alignment with our deepest truth, that we can expand into our highest and brightest selves.

It is only when we are practising wholehearted self-love, embodying our divine, authentic power and following the unique call of our inner voice that we can rise into our fullest and most luminous potential, to go forward and get what we want in our careers.

We cannot step into our brilliance if we are tearing ourselves down, playing small, doubting or questioning our abilities, saying yes to everyone and anybody, holding back from speaking up and dimming our precious, radiant light. We cannot get to where we want to be if we don’t step up and ask for what we truly deserve.

We can no longer ignore our hearts, disconnect from our bodies and be so hard on ourselves. It is time to change all of this, and I am here to help you do it.

 After years of inner mindset shifting and creating a beautiful harmony between my masculine and feminine allowing me to play up my strengths at work and elsewhere in my life. You can do this too! Don’t worry about the fears that are arising, I totally know them too, trust me! Book a discovery and let’s chat.

Imagine if you could fall in love with Mondays or wake up every morning feeling ready to tackle whatever the day ahead will bring?

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There are three payment options for you to choose from:

3 Monthly Payments of £225


One Payment of £650 (save £20)


Make your own plan with Paypal Credit

* Paypal Credit is available in the UK and US. For more information please email info@gemmacopp.co.uk

ADD ON: Full CV/Portfolio and Online Profile Review

One Payment of £30

* Price not included in 1:1 coaching program. This is an additional cost but not compulsary. Add on can be purchased at any time throughout 3 month coaching contract.

My available slots get filled quick, so complete the discovery call form now to discuss working together and secure your spot.

Availability and Booking

Client Success Stories:

Clients all around the world have gone onto achieved amazing results in their life and career- and you totally can too!

When we first connected, I had some idea of what project I wanted to do but I was so confused as to where I should start. I didn’t have the confidence in myself to propel my project and create a podcast centred around mental health. By the first session, I had gained clarity around my project idea and a belief that I will actually achieve my goals which is a feeling I hadn’t really had before! Benchmarking clear goals really helped me focus on what I wanted to do for the next 3 months and from there, like a domino effect, more ideas of how I could develop my project arose!  

Whilst coaching with Gemma, my friends and family have noticed how well I look in myself and that I am more focused and motivated on a day-to-day basis. The biggest change in myself is my confidence. I’m my own worst enemy at times but I’d have a session with Gemma and feel so positive even if I’d had the worst couple weeks prior. After the sessions, I’d feel rejuvenated and held a self-belief, reassuring myself I CAN do this. I now have much more of a positive outlook on life and how to handle social situations with a ‘wise mind’. This allowed me to go on and manifest what I most desired for myself- and it worked! During my coaching series, I landed myself a job on a radio show and I achieved my second goal to get a balanced job to fulfil my true purpose. Gemma was inspiring, motivational and empowering and me feel very comfortable from the start! 

Joe's Testimonial

Podcast Host

When we first connected, I was struggling to get a job, as well as struggling with my own self, my feelings and emotions. Having never worked with a coach before, I expected the sessions to help me realise my self-worth but honestly, it was much more than that! It helped me realise so many things and I now feel as though I know myself so much better than before. By the end of our first session, I had a clear idea as to why I decided to study in my chosen subject, as well as why my career is important to me. Since coaching with Gemma, I am so positive, confident and excited to see what my new job position holds for me. In addition, my sessions with Gemma helped me to gain a clear idea of what isn’t serving me in life and why I sometimes get frustrated and anxious. I now know how I can cheer myself up when I feel low and I know how to create boundaries with people around me. This is so essential for my own mental health and peace. Coaching with Gemma was perfect and the one hour, every other week used to be the best hour of my entire day. I already miss it so much.

Palak's Testimonial

Architect & Urban Dersigner

When I first connected with Gemma, I had a very destructive mindset. I wanted to get back into the rhythm of my job and attract a better lifestyle for myself, but I didn’t have the confidence that I could achieve what I believed I was worthy of. I had never tried life coaching before but was open to the idea of a coach after having recently listened to a podcast around the power of gratitude. I had BIG career dreams for my life that overwhelmed me, but after the first session with Gemma I realised that they could be broken down into manageable steps. Gemma also helped me understand that it wasn’t just about doing something for my career but the goals we set would also help improve my entire outlook on life to becoming my happier, best self. I am now completely differently in the sense that I have greater organisation, optimistic with a focus on goals and have more of an energy when around friends. I have a reassured faith in myself, having now built a company and hold a great deal of gratitude towards the experiences that come into my life.

Gemma was authentic, connected, and inspiring in her coaching, holding a space for me to open up and be guided down a positive route to what I wanted to achieve for myself. Not only was she approachable, calming any initial fears I held, she was warm, understanding, reasonable and responsive.

Samuel's Testimonial

Entrepreneaur & Business Owner

I coached with Gemma in 2017 and I  am so glad I did! Gemma helped me to clarify just how I wanted to bring forth my Inner Goddess and let her shine. She allowed me time and space to identify the areas in my life that needed attention and changing to call in a better way of living which involved operating from within. From clearing out clutter to removing toxic people in my life, Gemma was able to support me and help me to make myself a priority in my life, something I was not used to doing!! Even now, a few years later, I look back and see how Gemma has helped me to be able to live my best life on a daily basis. One of the most powerful beliefs that Gemma helped me to understand is that “I AM ENOUGH”. I really cant thank her enough!

Jessica's Testimonial

Registered Nurse, South Australian Health

Gemma has a wonderful energy of power and gentleness to her. She is warm, encouraging, and understanding, but is a woman who takes a powerful stand for herself and for those she loves. She is truly an example of what it means to rise to the top in a male-dominated industry without compromising her heart and her integrity.  Her perspective on issues of purpose and fulfillment and how they intersect with career is vast. If you are lucky enough to have the chance to work with Gemma, you should take it.

Mandy's Testimonial

Transformational Life Coach + Breathwork Facilitator

If you’re feeling a full body ‘YES’ and you’d like to know how we can work together, then I’d love to invite you to a 30 minute call so we can explore your life and career desires.

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