2020 End of Year Reflections, Intentions, Thanks and Lessons

Dec 28, 2020


It’s been one hell of a surreal and unprecedent year with an array of emotions. The past month in particular has felt overwhelming as we pray for some normality in the lead up to Christmas. Looking back on 2020 has made me realise just how I’ve grown as a person, despite repetitive and introverted days. In some what, the confusion of these strange, uninvited emotions has made this end of year reflection even bigger than the those in the past.
Although this holiday season is different this year, I encourage you to also reflect and I know BIG things would have happened for you! The good and the bad. I know for me this year started off with the continuation of settling into my new city, and turning full circle during a lockdown. I spent three amazing months celebrating big events/parties/holiday with friends, to three months back home in a family unit, getting creative for socially distanced birthdays, to three months utterly and completely on my own, learning the value of self-compassion, to the last three months in a completely different and experiential type of burn out.
Outwards looking, 2020 has made us reshape how we think and act, discovering the importance of slowing down, getting outdoors and time with loved ones away from the hustle and bustle and reviewing our work/life balance. Companies adopted a compassionate style of leadership, and many of us now knowing its okay to not feel okay all the time, to which I am seeing a rise of vulnerability, support and love for one another.
As we leave this year, I ask you to not attack or extend a judgement, for anger is a feeling hosted by the emotion of fear. Let us remember that, no matter what tier we are in, or whatever part of the world we’re in, whether someone is worse or better off, whatever circumstance we may be in, (which is different for all of us) we are ALL feeling the SAME fear and hope for the upcoming 2021. I encourage you to catch your negativity in its heat, and actively switch to the heart for love. Let’s stick together, at a distance and continue to support one another.
Finding positivity in a shit storm is always the hardest but here goes:
⭐️ Sticking to new boundaries between work and home life whilst WFH
⭐️ Doing at least one practical activity a day for health and grounding
⭐️ Developing emotional maturity
⭐️ The importance of finding fun each and every day.
⭐️ Listening to multiple perspectives (black lives matter)
⭐️ Learning multiple new skills (web design, marketing, climbing 🙈, doing the splits)
⭐️ Asking for help which is needed more in 2020 when communicating over screens in isolation.
⭐️ Having a vision for a world of health and making new choices to protect our planet we share with nature, animals, neighbours and loved ones.
⭐️ Devoting to a last year vision of having a coaching biz and committing 🙌
⭐️ Having secure attachments and support which is more prominent when trying to maintain distant contact.
⭐️ Taking responsibility for myself (being accountable for my own routine, giving breaks when I need to, stopping at the right time.
⭐️ Ignoring all the fake news, marketing and manipulative media and sticking to facts.
⭐️ Following up every ounce of negativity drip fed through the news with a positive affirmation.
⭐️ Accepting all feelings as supportive no matter whether good or icky ones.
⭐️ Letting go of judging everyone and everything and understand anger is hosted by fear. Everyone’s circumstance is different.
⭐️ Taking action to support and giving to those most suffering such small business.
⭐️ Having the strength to call people out on their BS, fake spreads or selfish beliefs.
⭐️ Owning my past mistakes and comments said without understanding their true negative effects.
⭐️ Acknowledging when I’m hurting.
⭐️ Surrending to restrictions of Covid-19 thats continuing to dominate my life and decisions outside of my control.
Intentions for Next Year
This year has been tough! Typically, a social media post about yearly intentions would encourage you to remind yourself of your life’s purpose, your goals and what you want to create and accomplish by the end of the year ahead.

If 2020 has reminded us of one thing however, it’s that life can take unexpected turns. Life has been so side tracked this year, where we have been trying to keep our head above water, take one day at a time and deal with things as they come up.  So, this post isn’t your typical intentions post, but rather an invitation to be gentle with yourself right now and just allow things to be just as the are. Therefore, my only new intention for 2021 is:

  • Let go of the things that are out of my control.

This year has been unprecedented and if you’re feeling like your priorities are outta whack, or you’re struggling with the everchanging government guide lines, that’s totally ok right now! How do we let go? To just simply follow your heart and be there for the people that need you right now, recognise that there are tough days ahead and to hang onto our hope, continuing to live life day to day, living life as best as we can and not sweating the small stuff.

In addition to this intention, I couldn’t help but look back at the three I had set for 2020. These were;

  1. I will do more of what makes me happy
  2. I will not take shit, be walked over, speak up for myself and stick to boundaries.
  3. I will say no to all energy that doesn’t serve me

I can whole heartedly say that, I have reminded myself of these each day of 2020. And it has not been easy. This year had more down days than up, but I battled through to find that thing to get me to a place of ‘happy state’ only to crash the next day. The latter two, also difficult whilst fearing job security or the reactions of my friends/family/employers. Each of these have led to many difficult conversations throughout, but have enabled growth in an unexpected and slightly different way. Therefore, I am also confident that whatever 2021 throws at us, we shouldn’t stop believing in our strength and courage, even the days where we can’t fully hold the shit together.

Upon reflection, I am now actively changing my third intention for 2021, to saying YES to experiences that’ll benefit my growth. What are your intentions for 2021 that are new or carried over from the last year?

Looking ahead, I wish you all good health and that 2021 is a brighter light for all of us, wherever in the world you are xx



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