Play up your feminine strengths to ignite your confidence, advance in a soulful career and create a life you love waking up to each day.




Hey Hey! I’m Gem

My Goal To You:

I support my clients in creating soulful careers that they love whilst maintaining a beautiful harmony between their feminine and masculine energies to shine bright in their work and ‘flow’ to success with ease. 

With 7 years of corporate experience, going from newcomer to presenting in meetings with high paid clients and working as part of a team to deliver multi-million-pound schemes, I am well equipped to support millennials to design and build the career of their dreams.

Also trained as a life coach, I am here to help you radiate with confidence and courage to apply for the job that you truly want, or ask for that promotion. I can guide you in setting healthy boundaries to leave the office at a reasonable time to pursue hobbies or the things that really light you up, stop feeling overlooked in your role and like you’re giving your all each day but receiving nothing back in return.

As you peel back the layers of fear, struggles and limiting beliefs, you will be able to step into your authenticity and start waking up every day ready for the day ahead. I want to help you re-awaken your heart and trust your femininity to feel fulfilled and challenged in the life and career that you set out to do, but also empowered and encouraged to express yourself, skills and creativity.

Because when you love your career, you never have to work a day in your life again!


In modern society, corporate environments tend to award the masculine and disregard the feminine whereby, so many of us are operating from one primary energy and becoming burnt out and exhausted, as we hustle and grind to deadlines and end results. We are now in a time where we are experiencing a rise, in both men and women, coming back to their own internal feminine energy. For example, a desire to be nurturing and express emotion, a desire to be caring and make decisions based on what feels good and what their intuition is calling them to do, rather than what is most logical and strategic.

The truth is, we can work smarter and soulfully, not harder and forcefully

>> I believe that when we align the hustle and grind with our inner body’s wisdom, we can be successful leaders in our role.

>> I believe the masculine AND feminine are equally as important and lead to powerful productivity in both our lives and careers.

>> I believe when we combine strategies and action with intuition and creativity, we have the tools to play big and magnetise anything to get us to where we want to be, in our careers.

How I Got Here:

For a big chunk of my life I have felt my ideas and creativity were overlooked as I struggled to find the courage to raise my hand in meetings. I felt like my job tasks were mundane and repetitive and no longer excited me, whilst I compared myself to those getting noticed or higher than me on the corporate ladder.

There are so many moments where I’ve survived on inhuman working hours, from consecutive days through to nights, the unnatural sleeping patterns, poor self-care and living off microwave meals and coffee. The result, I was often on the knife’s edge of burnout. I often spent weeks counting days to the weekend and was usually the first one down the pub on a Friday night.

I lived my life in everyone’s expectations of me, bounded by society ‘should do’s’ and outside forces bearing me down. I often felt the pressure to conform to what someone in my position should look, act and be like. I often made decisions based on logic even though my heart wasn’t aligned.

I knew where I wanted to be and what I wanted for my life but didn’t know how to get there. Everything overwhelmed me, I felt stress easy and I was constantly exhausted. The thought of even stopping work to break and rest sounded crazy! There’s just not enough hours in the day! I was often told “don’t take it personally, its just the job” or “separate your emotions from your work to get the job done quicker.” I mean, this works in terms of perfectionism- if we don’t feel for the work then we can’t care about it being perfect, right? But deep down I knew there had to be a better way of ‘doing’ than switching off during working hours and only truly living and ‘being’ outside of work.

As millennials we are seeking purpose and fulfilment from our jobs which older generations often tended to compartmentalise. There was a mentality that a job was a simple means to have pleasure outside of work, but the two shouldn’t mix for success. I call BS on this!

The Turning Point:

It was through a journey of self discovery that I came across the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, and I instantly felt something ‘click’ inside me – like I was coming into alignment.

Surrounding myself with like-minded souls, exploring wellness and self love, and genuinely feeling connected to a purpose, changed everything for me.

So What Does Life Look Like For Me Today?

  • Live fully in my authenticity, in tune with my own values, my own journey and my own path, away from stereotypes and society should do’s.
  • Have the ability to check in with myself and say no to what doesn’t serve my current energy levels. I rarely have FOMO which is something I had to work the hardest on.
  • I am able to keep a level of calmness during high pressured situations, when tensions are typically raised.
  • I am able to let go of judgy, negative comments said in anger or as an attempt to attack or bring me down.
  • I play big in meetings, making comments and asking questions, standing tall with senior stakeholders and collegues. I have found my voice to speak out when I don’t agree with something.
  • I can recognise the signs of burn out and have strong boundaries in place to maintain a direct transition between work/life. This enables me to have energy left over at the end of the working day to do the things that light me up, such as time spent with friends/family, all week round and not just at the weekend.
  • I leave work on time, take an uninterrupted lunch break and never feel guilty that I’m letting someone down. I’m realistic about deadlines knowing when to prioritise.
  • I see every experience as a learning curve, owning every decision whether right or wrong and living with less regrets as a result.
  • I work my brave- if something scares me, I test my limits by geeting out outside of my comfort zone and treating my life as an experiment. 


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A Few More Things About Me:

>>  I’m probably the most spontaneous person you’ll ever meet. I am adventurous, bubbly, outgoing and a little bit weird yet my friends would describe me as the girl who is always go go go.

>>  I have travelled to many incredible places from Central and South America to South Africa, South East Asia to Australasia, Pacific Islands to Europe, India to Hawaii, United States to the Philippines and Indonesian Islands.

>>  I’ve completed a pilgrimage, sky dived at 15,000 ft, bungee jumped 135m, had a near death experience when our boat blew up in Fiji and driven from the North to South of Vietnam on a motorbike.

>>  I’m a secret lover of old school 70’s/80’s rock music. I often blast out tunes driving home from work or in the shower.

>>  I love making my own clothes and modifying outfits. I’m really into textiles and couldn’t live without my sewing machine.

>>  I am a Gemini and I do have a spilt personality! But I think this is my masculine and feminine- aha! One is tough, protective and smart. The other is oh so soft, and gentle, nurturing yet highly sensitive. Some would say this is a strong division between logic and intuition, head and heart.

>>  I am also 50% extroverted and 50% introverted- a true ambivert. I can be the loudest one in the room but also shy at the same time.

>>  I play golf and Netball but also guitar and Piano!

>>  I feel most at peace when I am near the ocean.

>>  I love lasagne, way too much. If I go out to eat, I frantically scan the menu hoping to find it there. But interestingly, I’m vegan Monday-Friday!

>>  I have permanent implantable contact lenses inside of my eyeballs.