Do You Want To:

√ Create a typical working day thats fun and pleasurable, but also highly productive?

√ Bring a sense of calmness each day?

√ Gain clarity on your working tasks, dim the overwhelm and get organised?

 √ Start to get noticed at work by your peers and co-workers?

It all starts with these 20 ways to get into your feminine…

A Little Bit About Gem

Alright Darlin’, I totally know what it feels like to be snowed under with all the overwhelming work tasks and coming home with little energy and my brain fried. In those moments I wanted nothing more than to curl up in a ball infront of Netflix.

I went from hustle and burn out to flow and ease by learning how to align my strategising and action taking masculine “doing” with my allowing and process driven feminine “being”. I now sit down at my desk each day with a calm feeling of ‘aaaahhhh’ which continues throughout the working day. I want you to know that you can totally do the same- if not better!

This productivity planner I’m sharing with you are the first steps to aligning your masculine and feminine which I have used and continued to use each day for the past three years. I have gone onto:

  • Waking up each day with less pressure on myself.
  • Kept anxiety and stress levels to a minimum during high pressures environments when tension levels are through the roof.
  • Priortise tasks for the upcoming deadline, letting go of the need to ‘must include everything’.
  • Squashed perfectionism to comfortably move through tasks.


This colourful, creative, two-page document includes a ‘to-do’ planner on one side and a menu of feminine practices on the other that you can implement whilst at work. Focusing on areas such as your body, mindfullness, raising your vibrations, creating a desk space that obviously belongs to you or adding extras to your wardrobe, these are all easy, first steps towards tapping into your feminine to reduce the risk of burning out.

Print out at A4, double sided for the best effect 🙂