My Story


 In today’s culture there is a constant urge for everyone to fit into the structure of modern society and living in the fear of being different. Coming from a corporate position, I really struggled to write my story as it doesn’t follow a black and white and methodological structure. It is filled with ups and downs, ebbing and flowing with mini-turning points leading to a bigger outcome of where I am today. 




Import The Feminine

In 2016, whilst living in Australia, I enrolled at a heart-centred and feminine empowering life coaching academy. During the course, I worked on getting to know and trust my authenticity, understanding when I felt the most confident and alive. I gained clarity of my purpose, values, beliefs and the triggers that challenged me. I was taught how to manage fear, release limiting beliefs and move towards a heart-centred living. I played to my strengths; using them to grasp

 a handle on stress levels, balance my relationships and create a much healthier and positive mindset. The course also helped me to trust myself, let go of the need for reassurance from others and showed me practices to increase confidence, self-esteem and stand up for myself.

I observed every corner of my soul to become  the best coach to go on and help others alike.

The Results:

>>  I stopped living my life for everyone else and lived life by my own terms.

>>  I have the strength to step out of my comfort zone and follow my heart

>>  I have the guts to stand tall despite fear

>>  I have healthy and strong boundaries in place

>>  I have mind, body and soul in alignment for creativity and intuition

>>  I feel content and comfortable in my own skin with a focus on my big dreams

>>  I started loving myself and practiced affirmations, self-compassion, acceptance and self-care.

>>  I am an expert in myself, knowing exactly how I feel, why my emotions react in a certain way and knowing what would push them over the edge. I am in tune with my body and responses.

Feminine Meets Corporate

In 2017 I moved back to the UK to start my Masters degree. Unlike before, I now held a level of confidence, believing my hard efforts up until this point meant that I was good enough. When faced with a difficult task, I looked within and tapped into my own strengths and trusted my ability. Rather than looking for external influence or comparing myself to others, I turned inwards and trusted my abilities, played up my strengths and channelled a creativity I hadn’t seen for years. The difference was this time round (my second attempt at university) I was now producing work from a feminine and authentic perspective.

Although university was tough (those all-nighters and challenging deadlines), I

continued to find daily gratitude, checked in with my stress levels whilst diminishing my inner negative ego and took feedback constructively to grow and move forward, rather than an attack on my work. I became more independent, standing in my most empowered and aligned self, but most importantly, I was honest with my emotions when I was having a down day rather than suppressing them. Remember I told you above that I was advised to separate my emotions from our work?

The results paid off, I was over-achieving, receiving top grades and modules shortlisted for awards and medals. Can you believe I barely scraped a pass in my undergraduate degree?

These Days

In 2019, I decided to throw a dart at a map of the UK and search for a job at where it landed. I packed up bags and moved 5 hours north from all my friends and family. Now in Manchester, I work for amazing company, getting paid a salary for what I feel I am worth and I wake up every day ready to take on any challenges ahead of me. Now living life by design, with purpose and soul, I love Mondays and have energy left over at the end of the day to fulfil hobbies or do the things like lights me up- like coaching! Yay!

So that’s a little about me (or a lot, depending on how you view it!). I’m hoping you now have an idea of who I am and how my coaching skills, corporate experience and open heart can really serve you towards creating a soulful career.

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My Story – Appendix Style:

Here’s a snapshot of some of my early life struggles (use arrows to navigate):


At the age of 16, I moved out of my parent’s home into supported accommodation, filled with young adults suffering from substance abuse. I made a series of poor choices which resulted in failing my first year of A-levels. Aftr a harsh reality check and grounding myself back to the big dreams I held for myself, I regained my focus. I hid away at the back of support worker’s offices to revise for exams, stayed late at college to complete coursework and took on additional extended curriculum projects. This allowed me to pull my grades back up and get a placement at my preferred university.

University Round One

During this time, I suffered with severe depression caused by an underlying desire to fit into social situations and negative thoughts of unworthiness. I often compared myself to those achieving high grades, losing faith in my creativity and intuition. I got stuck in a loop of negativity causing self-doubt and often craved reassurance for the decisions I made. Anxious of being judged by my peers, I was too scared to raise my hand in seminars in fear of asking a stupid question. This negative loop was enhanced by a terrible tutor that physically and verbally ridiculed the work of those who craved support the most.

Stepping Into The Corporate World

At 21 and in a graduate job, I craved a role model that could shape my ideas and allow me to grow. My boss was a strategic and a logical thinker, driven by masculine energy in which I was often mansplained. He lacked an understanding that I was still fresh in my position and therefore expected to make more mistakes and work at a slower pace than my senior colleagues. I held so many limiting beliefs of not being good enough.

Life As A Backpacker

During my two years of traveling, I took a four month job on a farm working 12 hour days, 5 days a week. I was unable to talk to anyone or listen to my headphones and on my feet the entire time with only a half hour break. Lacking in energy levels, productivity was a matter of mental strength and determination. I was heavily bullied and exploited for personal happiness by those who I both worked and lived with. I had no private space to express my feelings away from them and I felt trapped in this emotional turmoil.  

Work To Make Ends Meet

I had several cash in hand waitressing jobs that ended with either me walking out or getting fired. I was disposable and undervalued as a person. In most cases, I worked my way up to head waitress as the fastest team member, but my efforts were never fast enough for employers, nor appreciated. I was belittled for being female and told I can never do a job better than my male colleagues.