When we first connected, I had some idea of what project I wanted to do but I was so confused as to where I should start. I didn’t have the confidence in myself to propel my project and create a podcast centred around mental health. By the first session, I had gained clarity around my project idea and a belief that I will actually achieve my goals which is a feeling I hadn’t really had before! Benchmarking clear goals really helped me focus on what I wanted to do for the next 3 months and from there, like a domino effect, more ideas of how I could develop my project arose!  

Whilst coaching with Gemma, my friends and family have noticed how well I look in myself and that I am more focused and motivated on a day-to-day basis. The biggest change in myself is my confidence. I’m my own worst enemy at times but I’d have a session with Gemma and feel so positive even if I’d had the worst couple weeks prior. After the sessions, I’d feel rejuvenated and held a self-belief, reassuring myself I CAN do this. I now have much more of a positive outlook on life and how to handle social situations with a ‘wise mind’. This allowed me to go on and manifest what I most desired for myself- and it worked! During my coaching series, I landed myself a job on a radio show and I achieved my second goal to get a balanced job to fulfil my true purpose. Gemma was inspiring, motivational and empowering and me feel very comfortable from the start! 

Joe Matthews

Podcast Host & Radio Producer

When we first connected, I was struggling to get a job, as well as struggling with my own self, my feelings and emotions. Having never worked with a coach before, I expected the sessions to help me realise my self-worth but honestly, it was much more than that! It helped me realise so many things and I now feel as though I know myself so much better than before. By the end of our first session, I had a clear idea as to why I decided to study in my chosen subject, as well as why my career is important to me. Since coaching with Gemma, I am so positive, confident and excited to see what my new job position holds for me. In addition, my sessions with Gemma helped me to gain a clear idea of what isn’t serving me in life and why I sometimes get frustrated and anxious. I now know how I can cheer myself up when I feel low and I know how to create boundaries with people around me. This is so essential for my own mental health and peace. Coaching with Gemma was perfect and the one hour, every other week used to be the best hour of my entire day. I already miss it so much.

Palak Arora

Architect & Urban Designer

When I first connected with Gemma, I had a very destructive mindset. I wanted to get back into the rhythm of my job and attract a better lifestyle for myself, but I didn’t have the confidence that I could achieve what I believed I was worthy of. I had never tried life coaching before but was open to the idea of a coach after having recently listened to a podcast around the power of gratitude. I had BIG career dreams for my life that overwhelmed me, but after the first session with Gemma I realised that they could be broken down into manageable steps. Gemma also helped me understand that it wasn’t just about doing something for my career but the goals we set would also help improve my entire outlook on life to becoming my happier, best self. I am now completely differently in the sense that I have greater organisation, optimistic with a focus on goals and have more of an energy when around friends. I have a reassured faith in myself, having now built a company and hold a great deal of gratitude towards the experiences that come into my life.

Gemma was authentic, connected, and inspiring in her coaching, holding a space for me to open up and be guided down a positive route to what I wanted to achieve for myself. Not only was she approachable, calming any initial fears I held, she was warm, understanding, reasonable and responsive.

Samuel Cox

Entrepreneur & Business Owner

I coached with Gemma in 2017 and I  am so glad I did! Gemma helped me to clarify just how I wanted to bring forth my Inner Goddess and let her shine. She allowed me time and space to identify the areas in my life that needed attention and changing to call in a better way of living which involved operating from within. From clearing out clutter to removing toxic people in my life, Gemma was able to support me and help me to make myself a priority in my life, something I was not used to doing!! Even now, a few years later, I look back and see how Gemma has helped me to be able to live my best life on a daily basis. One of the most powerful beliefs that Gemma helped me to understand is that “I AM ENOUGH”. I really can’t thank her enough!

Jessica Harris

Registered Nurse, South Australian Health

Gemma has a wonderful energy of power and gentleness to her. She is warm, encouraging, and understanding, but is a woman who takes a powerful stand for herself and for those she loves. She is truly an example of what it means to rise to the top in a male-dominated industry without compromising her heart and her integrity.  Her perspective on issues of purpose and fulfillment and how they intersect with career is vast. If you are lucky enough to have the chance to work with Gemma, you should take it.

Mandy Sciacchitano

Transformational Life Coach + Breathwork Facilitator