Podcast Coming Soon

Tune into the Flux podcast to hear entertaining, informative, and honest discussions with co-hosts Faine Bellord and Gemma Copp, along with special guests. Find out how you can tap into the right side of your brain and embody a more feminine you for a more pleasurable, purposeful and passion filled life. Centred around the topic of creativity, we’ll share our best tips to get you showing off your ideas, sharing your voice, stepping up, playing big and doing it all with confidence and belief in yourself! 

In a western society where we are often expected to conform and play small, creativity can allow us to thrive in our lives and careers, whilst nourishing the soul. Flux is a podcast that was born out of the desire to change misconceptions around what it means to be a creative individual. Some common themes of discussion include environment and travel, health and wellbeing, mindfulness and finding joy. From problem solving to completely shifting our mindsets, our experiences, beliefs and environment can play a key role in our inspiration and curiosity, fueling our creative power.

Faine and Gem are still finalising episodes. Sign up to be the first to hear the details of the upcoming launch! They are absolutely loving their meetings and discussions around this podcast and have been so honoured by the amount of support, love and excitement they’ve been receiving.

They don’t want to rush this however. With big things happening in each of their lives, such as Gem’s coaching business taking its BIG leap and Faine’s freelance Graphics business hitting the ground running, the two of them have decided to wait until a time that feels right for the both of them. The podcast is aiming to launch at the end of 2020 / start of 2021! So exciting!!

Why Is This Podcast So Important?

If someone were to ask you, ‘are you creative?’ how would you answer? A study conducted by Adobe states 75% of people, globally, feel they’re not living up to their creative potential, and after various conversations with friends, family and colleagues both Faine and Gem find that many people don’t think they’re creative at all. This is because there is a common misconception around what it means to be creative, with professions associated with the arts coming to mind. But creativity isn’t just about revolutionary ideas and visionaries, It’s not just about mastering a specific craft. Creativity is bigger than that and it is available to everyone. 

To possess a creative power is simply, to be human! You don’t have to paint like Van Gogh or write like Shakespeare. You don’t need to set unrealistically high standards or tell yourself that you’re not worthy of achieving your fullest potential because creativity doesn’t come naturally to you. Creativity arrives when you ask for the next best steps, for that thing you truly want for yourself, and surrender to receiving the answer.

The Hosts:

Working both as creatives; Faine and Gem know first handedly what it feels like to lose their creative souls in the corporate world. They know what it’s like to get stuck in daily patterns, doing the same things over, (but exceptionally well!). On the podcast, they share examples of how being in tune with creativity has had a positive impact on their personal and professional lives. They believe it’s more than simply switching up auto-piloted routines, but rather stepping out of comfort zones and getting cozy with failure to learn and grow. It’s about getting out of our depths, seeking inspiration and dimming that darn imposter syndrome! It’s about tuning in to the ebb and flow of creative energy and trusting our intuition.

Who Are We?

Two best friends who met in 2014 and bonded over similar past experiences and a passion for getting out in nature, spirituality and healthy living. They share a love of music, fine arts and crafts, travel and trash TV. Currently living at different ends of the UK, Faine and Gem are no strangers to keeping a strong long distance friendship going. Back in 2016 whilst Gem was training as a life coach abroad in Australia, the two of them would speak everyday and support each other, despite the miles between. Together they have travelled to Peru and, they share so many great memories from travelling Peru and various European cities together, raved together on nights out and cried together at soppy films.

They whole-heartedly believe that creativity allows us to shape and design our lives and be open to receive passion, connection and a sense of richness that money can’t buy. Despite their differences, Gem and Faine share a few common personality traits. They both identify as somewhat indie, bohemian and tomboyish with little time for patriarchal ideologies. Both have felt societal and ageist pressures as women, to act and live up to certain expectations. Despite this they still remain reluctant to conform and instead put authenticity and following their dreams at the top of their priority list. They usually meet in London once a month to catch up with mutual friends over good food and coffee or cider (and that’s proper cider. Not the fruity kind!).

Faine Bellord

Faine is a graphic designer, with over 8 years of professional experience, working both in-house and freelance. More recently Faine has also become an expert in email design and marketing. She is very proud to have worked with some high-end and luxury brands in the cycling and travel industry. Holding a degree in Graphic Communication, Faine is an expert in using visual material to convey messaging.  Faine also enjoys digital illustration as a hobby. Taking much of her inspiration from the pop art movement that flourished in the 60s, she is drawn to the powerful, visual impact the style has through the use of strong imagery and typography. Faine portrays her passions and beliefs around a variety of topics, through illustrated influential quotes and bold, emotive artworks.  Faine is also the owner and creator of the Tellurian Treasures blog; a platform where she shares her love of the natural world, nutritional science and travel with the aim of encouraging her readers to reconnect with nature for the benefit of their wellbeing and for the health of the planet.

Gemma Copp

Gem is an architectural assistant and a part time life and career coach. With over 7 years of corporate experience in the creative industry, working on multi-million pound projects, Gem knows what it takes to play big, share her voice and make intuitive decisions. She believes creativity, powered from our feminine, is the key tool to bringing value to the table and turning towards our full potential. Through her coaching, Gem is passionate about helping millennials to combine these feminine tools and inner body wisdom for soulful ways of working, far removed from the hustling and grinding. Her work is centred around guiding clients to peel back the layers of fear, struggles and limiting beliefs and step into their authenticity, wake up smiling, empowered for the day ahead and feel encouraged to express themselves, skills and creativity.