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Self Worth Meditation


The 10 minute guided meditation to bring you into a deeper sense of connection and reclaim your feminine

For years we have put down the feminine, across the board, believing ‘its weak’ or ‘not good enough’. These false myths, driven by the patriarchy, produce a sense of guilt or shame when we drive our lives from a feminine perspective.

The feminine is within each and every one of us and a completely natural state of being. For so long, we have been dimming that side of us but so many of us are now looking for new ways of working, new ways of ‘doing’ for a more purposeful and fulfilling life both in and out of work. In order to reclaim our feminine part of ourselves, in a way that feels good, comfortable and natural, we need to feel worthy of it. Without self worth, it’s too easy to fall back into masculine patterns that we know best for success.

Meditation is a powerful practice that helps draw your attention inwards. It will support you to re-connect with yourself and quieten a busy, racing mind. Many people desire to meditate, but they struggle to create their own practice. Getting into meditation at first can be tricky. To minimalising the difficulty in figuring out how to meditate for yourself, this meditation is guided and acommpanyed with soothing music to provide a point of focus for your mind.