A collection of Courses, Ebooks, Meditations and & Resources for you to help practice inner work at your own pace and in your own time.



Self Worth Meditation – £9

Self-worth can allow us to culivate anything we want but for many of us, establishing and honoring our own self-worth is a difficult task. Limiting beliefs and fear can hold us back from see our values. This 10 minute meditation is something you can listen to in the morning or through your earbuds at work for a boost throughout your day.

Pleasure + Productivity Daily Planner – Free

20 ways to get into your feminine at work in one handy menu and a free way to sample my work – Subscribe to receive your FREE Pleasure + Productivity Daily Planner where you’ll learn the secret to creating more ease and flow into each day, all whilst ticking off your ‘To-Do’s!’

Stop Allowing Yourself To Burn Out. Chose Productivity With Flow and Ease.

Right Sided Work: Unleash Your Feminine At Work – £350

A soulful 5-week journey which will support and empower you to awaken and nurture your feminine essence, emobody your divine power, and go onto becoming that alluring and magnestising being within, both inside and outside of work! This course includes five modules with an audio class and workbook, to question your deep inner thoughts and shift previous teaching we’ve all been conditioned to believe. The workbook also includes jounrallying prompts and exercises to help you reflect on the module principles and apply everything learned to your own personal situations.