Showing Authenticity in the Corporate World

Apr 7, 2021

Are you a spiritual being wondering how you can be yourself and show off your authenticity when working in the corporate industry? I mean, the holding true to your values and principles and being aware of your core beliefs that are inherent to your work, as well as being yourself with no fear of judgement. Showing up every day from an authentic position means we aren’t wearing a mask… behind our Covid-19 face masks. It’s about embracing who we are and standing by who we are as a person. When we can do this and accept this part of ourselves, we go can go onto becoming successful, confidence leaders.

What does Authenticity look like? It’s about the communicate to others that we are trustworthy, and honest. It’s the ability to express our emotions of fears or desires to learn, expand and grow. Most importantly, being your authentic self at work will allow you to follow what you really enjoy, and tap into that passion for achievement- (a BIG niche of my work)! What is authenticity not? It’s not about the conformity to how we think we need to be, act or do to climb the corporate ladder. It’s not playing small waiting for opportunities to come to us.

How can we get more authentic? Here are my four tips:

  1. Go with how you feel.

Whether you are having a one-on-one conversation or are in a group setting, if your body feels uncomfortable surrounding a conversation, it’s not serving you or your energy. Somethings not right. You may have several thoughts of doubt. Remind yourself this is pre-judgment. Push through these emotions to release the words of your opinion, your feelings, and how the particular topic affects you on a personal basis.

  1. Release fear of vulnerability.

Many of us have placed walls of protection around us. Of course you don’t want your feelings hurt, by say, a condescending colleague for example. But staying quiet In fear of being hurt is playing small. Release these shackles with small steps. They may come back hurting you more but step up and put a boundary in place; “thank you for the feedback but that hurt and you don’t have to talk to me like that.” Saying this to colleagues higher on the corporate ladder can be daunting but your self worth deserves better. You’ve worked hard to be where you are. Remember that! Plus, play big and they’ll have a lot of respect for your maturity!

  1. Nothing is set in stone.

As you evolve, learn, and expand your consciousness, your opinions will also expand. During this process, you may feel uncomfortable speaking about your new knowledge and beliefs. You are allowed to evolve! With personal evolution comes new thinking.

  1. Accepting yourself as a leader.

Being authentic comes with leadership. This is because so many people still hold back from allowing the world to see who they truly are. Your voice and comfortability (that will expand) will inspire others who feel the same. This is because your authenticity can be felt and it makes others feel comfortable around you. Own your authenticity! Get comfortable with sharing who you are as a person, ignoring those that are gonna judge. Let the haters hate, it’s their problem. But trust me, being your authentic self will spread much joy and positivity into the world just by being you!

How to do this: Start by Practicing small forms of authenticity. Talk to a friend at work, or me as a life coach 🙂 aha allow yourself to have that one person you can speak openly with and share what you want to bring forward at work, how you want to feel, where you want to be and the difficulties that come along with that.

Finally, Celebration is an amazing way to keep you going! When you allow others to see your authenticity self where others start to accept it as your truth, buy yourself a treat, blast the radio, and sing. Because darling, you are beautiful just the way you are!

Being your authentic self at work is not always as easy as just ‘being yourself’. To be yourself, you first must really know yourself. The journey towards authenticity at work starts with some level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness. There are so many tips online that I constantly come across titled ‘how to be more authentic’. eye roll It’s like; there is no rule book to authenticity because “authenticity is an inner identity unique to oneself.” We are our biggest motivators. We are our biggest teachers. If you read someone else’s tips on ‘how to be authentic’, you’re only copying their authenticity. These four points are not to be seen as a step-by-step roadmap, but rather methods of emotional intelligence and self-awareness to get you feeling “safe” to step into your own authenticity.

If you’re interested in learning to be your authentic self at work or need some help in figuring out who your authentic self is, get in touch to book into a complimentary consultation!


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