Single Coaching Session


A powerful 60 minute coaching call with Gem to help you find your feet on the ground within a new career path, get the momentum going for a creative idea or dive into those limiting beliefs currenting holding you back from being your most confident self in your life and career.

This Session Is For You If...

You have a vision for what your life could look like, you’re feeling ready and willing to make a change but you’re unsure of what you need to do next to get you towards BIG results. You might;

1. Not be ready to commit to a 3 month 1:1 program just yet and want to trail out coahing with this hour.

2. Crave a little push  in the right direction.

Unlike the 1:1 coaching program where we collectively focus on building confidence, clarity and creativity, in this single coaching session you get to chose one and run with it.

Option 1: Confidence

If you’re looking to kickstart your radiant and inner peaceful life but don’t know where to begin, this session can help! Together we can touch upon the essence of what it mans to let go of negative judgements, get you on the path to feeling comfortble investing energy in yourself (totally not selfish!), plan out the baby steps towards speaking your truth with certainty and most of all, kickstart the journey towards trusting yourself and your abilities because darling, you’ve got this!

Option 2: Clarity

If you are struggling to find your feet after finishing university and want to find clarity when stepping into their first graduate job and wanting to find their feet in the corporate world.

Option 3: Creativity

If you are looking to kick start a passion in starting a podcast, blog or anything else creative on the side of your main stream job.

My Clients Have Gone Onto…

>> Start their own podcast.

>> Put forward a business plan during the Covid-19 pandemic.

>> Apply for a job position in the firm they have always dreamt of working in within their chosen career.

>> Fight for their job when it was in a redundancy pool.

>> Took big steps towards starting their journy on the corporate ladder.

>> Found the courage to start writing a book.

>> Built a successful app and achieved a monthly income to go full time.

>> Feel safe stepping into their goddess power.

>> Culivated mindful awareness of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs.

>> Created beautiful boundaires.

>> Manifest their dream job in a career they once didn’t believe they could ever achieve.

In this session, you’ll get:

√ 6 x 60 minute Private Coaching Sessions (via Zoom)

60 minutes with Gem to strategise, plan and transform your mindset so that you can elevate into your next level with ease

√ Practical Action Steps

Clear action steps mapped out for you to follow and learn from in order to take you to the next step.

√ 2 Weeks of Voxer Support

Full support from Gemma for two weeks to check in, re-evaluate and discuss the action steps you have achieved or struggling with.

One Payment of £125*

* Please note, appointments are limited to one per client and for new clients only. Subject to availability.


ADD ON: Full CV/Portfolio and Online Profile Review (+£30)

* This is an additional cost but not compulsary. 

Give The Gift Of Coaching

Know someone who would love this single coaching session? In the payment form above, simply type YES in the gift field and we’ll send out a gift receipt with contact details attached so your loved one can book in to a time that best suits them!

>> A sister, brother, parent or friend you know with BIG visions or ideas.

>> Someone that is about to make a BIG change in their life but feeling anxious or nervous.

>> Someone who has a challenge that’s getting in their way.

>> Someone who has been a little down recently and could do with a pick-me-up 🙂

What happens in the hour?

After purchasing, you’ll recieve an email inviting you for a session at a mutually convenient time.  The hour session is conducted over Skype, Zoom or the phone (at your preference). Regardess of the three options you chose to focus on within the hour, I will bring all of my coaching expertise and ideas to help you uncover what the option means to you. 

As your coach, it’s my job to dig a little deeper, bring you new perspectives, and uncover those blockages that are preventing you from getting on your way to a life where you wake up smiling! 

I aim to send you away with an empowering yet achievable goal, within your reach, along with a step-by-step action plan to kick start your journey towards it. Two weeks following on from your session, you’ll have access to my Voxer (a walkie talkie communication app) to ask me any questions in case you get stuck along the way.