The Femininst Vs. The Feminine and Sex

Dec 31, 2020

Being in the corporate world myself, I am often labelled a feminist. I’ve caught myself scrunching up my nose however, and saying “I like to think I’m a feminist but….” and then there’s always an excuse that follows this, driven by a self doubt. So I’ve been asking myself, why?
I’m going to be honest! When I think of feminists, I imagine a woman in a suit, powerhouse and leadership role, looking no more higher or less than the male that stands besides her. She is in success, looking as though she’s got her shit together and any mention of the world sex is a massive taboo. But what if I have this vision for myself (as well as the above) to look good naked whilst sitting around my man or desire to feel sexy in my own right and allure people’s eye with my beauty as I walked into a room? Or what is I want to have nice nails or Pippa Middletons bum or wear high heels knowing they make my legs look good? Am I allowed to call myself a feminist? …In the corporate world, there is a collective rise of women (or those with a feminine core) successfully projecting their ‘must get shit done’ or ‘I need results now’ qualities. Although, may still be unable to FEEL “good enough” because deep down, they know they’re manifesting how they truly want to feel (sexy) or wishing to have a BIG cry over a pair of jeans that won’t fit and feeling shame and guilt in doing so.  You see, there are a lot of women who act like men, not allowing themselves to truly express who they are, whilst trying to squash the inner feminine desires hard wired within. Damn that patriarchy that we’ve been raised in! Its conditioned us to be self-critical as a means to put us into action to hustle and grind, at work in particular, that are actually meaningless to our inner happiness and desires, other than the money we make from it. We need the feminine in order to be authentic, expressive and raw and vulnerable and friggen’ human!
Its this very conditioning that give us this shame and guilt which comes out in all bloody forms such as guilt and shame for working 9-6 whilst your children are in after school clubs, or guilt and shame when unable to stand up in a full board meeting and present because of severe period pain or guilt and shame for telling their best friend she’s strong and powerful for ditching that loser guy, that treated her like utter shit, only to go and sext our sexist ex because we’re momentarily feeling lonely.
Lets not feel guilty about wanting to be feminist but also feminine. You can be a feminine, a feminist and successful all in one. We need the feminine for empowerment and elevation of ourselves! It’s not about the high heels. Wear them if you want, or not, doesn’t matter! The right side of our mind and soul is calling us in and telling us to own who we are. Let’s take power, speak our truth and continue to rise together 🙌



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