Right Sided Work


The online course to help unleash your feminine at work, for a more receptive, trusting, passion filled and high vibe way of working, and will guide you towards a life where you wake up smiling each and every day! 🙂

Do you ever go to work and feel like very task is a big weight on your shoulders, where you’re forcing yourself through your to-d0 list and nothing seems to feel easy or naturally flowing?

That there’s always so many barriers where something you thought was going to take two hours, actually took four hours and when you come home from work, you want nothing more than to get into your pjammers and watch Netflix. You had all this other stuff you wanted to do in your evenings but they’re just going by fast because you don’t have the energy to do anything else.

Sidenote: there is a better, more natural and aligned way of working, that also feels good, fun and uplifting! 

*Insert the rise of the feminine* (our right side of brain)

It’s time to say goodbye to:

>>  That old school, hustle mentality.

>>  The needing to have five step formulae constantly set in place to ‘go go go’ and get where you want to be at the end of the day.

>>  The blueprint to success where you feel like you have to copy and paste and do things the same way everyone else does.


If you’re ready to step into a life and career that is more aligned with your natural state of being- you’re in the right place.

If you’re drawn towards the idea of unleashing your inner, alluring feminine and magnetising energy and essence, you’re in the right place.

If you feel an inner message that your job is meant to be, but you need help finding the courage to step up, you’re in the right place.

Now Imagine This…

Waking up feeling refreshed, ready for the day ahead and whatever challenges get thrown your way. Feeling more connected to your highest self, inner wisdom and in tune with your body; its emotions and current energy needs.

You have an inner glow about you as you move about your workplace and a confidence that allows you to push forward, play big and ask for the things you truly want for your life at work.


>>  It is only when we are accepting of who we are, speaking to ourselves in empowering ways and living in alignment with our deepest truth, that we can expand into our highest and brightest selves.

>>  It is only when we are practising wholehearted self-love, embodying our divine, authentic power and following the unique call of our inner voice that we can rise into our fullest and most luminous potential.

Let’s get real for one sec,

I’m a recoverying hustler! That’s right, I’ve done the years of going into the office early, staying late on overtime far too often and wishing my days away for the weekend to hurry up and come quicker! I’ve played into the hands of the patriarchy, feeling like a slave to my job. Long story short, this led to burn out! Several times. By being open to a far more balanced and aligned way of working, tapping into both the left and right sides of my brain, I have gone onto:

>>  Understand the importance of nurturing, awakening and embodying feminine energy, whilst balancing that with the masculine already present within me.

>>  Embrace my sensitivity, my feelings and my emotions, seeing them as a gift, rather than a curse.

>>  Break out of a life solely in my masculine energies of action, doing, logic and achieving and embrace feminine qualities of flow, rest, receiving, intuition, and feeling.

>>  Prioritise pleasure, play and sensuality and learn how to integrate more of these into my life.

>>  Value the importance of self-love and self-care practices to allow me to feel more connected and grounded within myself.

>>  Create a connection with my intuition so that I can receive guidance and clarity from within.

What Does This Course Offer?

Module One: Understanding the Masculine and Feminine

We function from two energy types, the left and right side, aka the masculine and feminine. We need to have a 60/40 split of each otherwise we can find ourselves acting from shadow archetypes. To excel and strive to success, we need a healthy balance between both energy types.

Module Two: Balancing the Masculine and Feminine

Learn how these two energies translate into the workplace environment in which the masculine works from a logical, strategising and organised position, whereas the feminine is process driven, pleasure filled and emotional. Bringing in the feminine is tough but so important as a wounded masculine can present itself as negative behaviours that have the potential to break down professional relationships.

Module Three: Awakening the Feminine

Four key methods that sing true to the feminine to push against all the myths and stories that currently stop ourselves from feeling safe to truly express our feminine qualties, especially in the workplace. We’ve witnessed success in ways that work, but don’t feel good, and look up to world ministers/leaders that function from the patriarchy that we know not to be the right way of working.

Module Four: Nurturing the Feminine

Tips and guidance to raise your vibration and start feeling comfortable in your own right, whilst becoming that magnestising and alluring being that lights up the room when you enter. With a focus on intuition, this module dives into living from a position of love, rather than fear and tapping into our own inner wisdom.

Module Five: Embodying the Feminine

Self-love practices to call in the feminine where needed and build our self worth; all to feel safe in its energy, comfortable in our own skin and confident in our working abilities. We can then go onto to manifest our true desires, build trust in ourselves, and no longer question our choices or decisions.

Over five weeks, you’ll get my best journalling prompts and guidance that will explore topics such as boundaries, grounding, balancing your feminine and masculine, receiving, tackling patriarchal myths, magnetism and intuitive living.

 In This Course You’ll Get…

Five weeks of Feminine Journal Prompts

Carefully selected journal prompts from my own journaling practice that has helped me have the abilitiy to feel comfortable in my own skin and bringing in my authenticity into everything I do, beyond my career. 

Five Audio Notes

Clashes where I share my own experiences around the topics mentioned within the modules and an explanation of the concepts you are exploring in the workbooks.

Five Module Workbooks

I’ve pulled out the main topics of discussion from the audio notes into text, allowing you to read through whilst listening along.

Membership Site Access

All modules, workbooks, audio notes and journal prompts all in one place for easy access.

This Course Is For You If:

 You’re ready to focus in on your relationship with yourself and do the inner work to deepen your self-love, worth, confidence, self-care and how you treat yourself. 

 You have been feeling disconnected from your feminine essence, yourself and others whilst at work, often feeling trapped or lacking faith. You are unsure how to stay in this energy while still showing up for the demands of your life.

 You often feel scattered, rushed, ungrounded and caught up in your mind at work, and you find it difficult to connect in with yourself, your body, your feelings and your deeper needs.

 You find it hard to say No whilst at work, implement boundaries, speak your truth without some source of resource and you find yourself giving away your time and energy to things that drain and deplete you. You’re instead, people pleasing, saying yes most of the time.

 You feel disconnected from your inner guidance, and instead find yourself stuck in your mind over-analysing the choices, decisions or challenges you face.

 You want to prioritize and make time for self-care and self-connection practices where you can tune in, and build a stronger relationship with yourself.

 You identify as being sensitive, and you often feel big emotions but you are not sure how to support yourself through these, or manage your reactions to things.

 You just want life to feel better. You want more joy, fun, pleasure, lightness, to feel attractive and to be able to easily manifest more of what makes you happy without hustle and stress.

 You no longer want to dim your light to make everyone else around you feel more comfortable because you’re afraid of your own power?

 You feeling like you’re the only one you can rely on to get things done and get them done right? Perhaps it’s the opposite and you feel like you’re not capable of anything and heavily relying on others to make it through your day?


Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens after I purchase the course?
You will receive an email confirming your sale, and this will also contain details of how to access the Membership Website where all of your course resources are stored.

Help! I didn’t receive the email!
Please check your Spam and Junk folders carefully, as the emails can easily sneak in there. If you are certain the email was not received, you can contact our customer support team on info@gemmacopp.co.uk

How do I access my resources?
You will receive details on how to create a username and password for the private Membership Website. You will then be able to log into this website at any time and access your resources.  

How do I work through the course?
As this is a self-paced program, you can work through it in whatever way feels right to you. The course was designed as an 5 week program so you can work through the course in that way. However, it is also fine to work through the resources out of their set order, if you would like to tailor it more to what you need at this time.

Do I receive any support through the course?
Unfortunately, personalised support was only available during the live round of the course. However, you can head over to the Facebook group in which you can ask questions or may  find a response provided to a previously asked question.

What is your refund policy?
As this is a digital course and you receive instant access to all of the resources, refunds are not available. All sales are final. 

Right Sided Work: Unleash Your Feminine At Work

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